Here is the measurements for the design I used.

Step 1: Wood

Select a few pieces of wood to use.

Step 2: A Square Makes a Circle

After planing the wood to desire thickness, cut the strips of wood to about an inch longer than the diameter of the circle. Then glue them side by side to make a square.

Step 3: Cut It Out

After the glue dries, cut out a circle.

Step 4: Do Some Sanding

Sand the wood until it is smooth.

Step 5: More Cutting

Cut out the diamonds and circles to be placed as time markers.

Step 6: Mathematics?

Use a protractor to measure the angles for the pieces. They should be placed at 30 degree intervals.

Step 7: Check It Over

Double check your pieces and then glue them in.

Step 8: Polyurethane

After sanding the pieces and clock apply coats of polyurethane while using steel wool between each coat.

Step 9: Telling Time

Place the numbers "12-3-6-9" on the four circles. Instead of putting the other numbers on just use the diamonds as the placeholders.

Step 10: All Finished Up!

Step 11:



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