Introduction: Clock

I made a pretty simple clock out of cherry and oak, and I think it really turned out good!

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Step 1: Make Triangle Template

The first step is make and cut out a triangle template that has a radius 6 inches. You will then get some thin scrap wood and cut out a wooden template. Like the picture above.

Step 2: Cut 6 Triangles

Once you get the template cut out, you then have to use that template and trace it on to 6 pieces of wood of your choice. (I used cherry) And the width if these pieces should be 1/2 inches thick.

Step 3: Make Base Circle

Once you have the 6 triangles with your choice of wood cut, you then will have to make the background circle! I used oak and glued two pieces of wood together and then cut out a circle and the router. The circle I made has a 12 inch diameter. (The pic above was before I cut the circle out)

Step 4: Route Pocket

Once you have cut out your circle and then sanded the circle, you will need to route a pocket for the clock to fit in. (Just like the pic above.)

Step 5: Clock Compartment

Once you have your hole cut out, your compartment should fit in like this.

Step 6: Glue Triangles on Circle

You have to glue your 6 triangle, that you already cut out, onto you 12 inch circle. It should end up looking like this.

Step 7: Sand, Sand, and Sand

When everything's glued together, you next sand. Until it's all smooth and looks nice.

Step 8: Polyurethane, and Add Kit

Last step, after sanding you will need to do 3 coats of polyurethane with steel whole following all three steps. After three coats of that, and the click kit to finish it off. I chose to put every number on there, but you can choose to put only a few!

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