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Introduction: Clock Makeover - From Meh :( to Colorful Clock :)

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We got a pretty clock as gift for our wedding by one of my friend. My husband was telling that the clock was pretty hard ;) to see the time from a distance as it has a dark background. I said I will do some makeover and make it better. When I was going through the high low list column of HGTV magazine(They show a bunch of items with high price tag and the similar item with low price tag and where you get that item), I liked a clock in that list in which the higher price tag was $99 and the lower price tag was $45(Picture in the next step) and I said to my hubby I can do a DIY version which will cost lower than the low price tag and without a trip to craft store and asked him, do you like the design? He happily showed Green signal ,lol.

If you want to do a makeover to your clock or do a new clock all by yourself,come along, I will show you how.

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Step 1: Materials Required

A clock

Screw driver

A bunch of color card stock of your color choice

Pencil & ruler

Double sided adhesive tape runner or any glue

Xacto knife




Krylon gold leaf pen (optional)

Step 2:

Remove the screws from the back frame of the clock using screw driver and disassemble the clock.Carefully remove the design sheet. Each clock will be different.Mine was glued to the frame but it was easy to take off. If yours where like mine, use xacto knife and tear from center to one end.Now you get a grip of paper. Adjust all the three clock hands to be together (12'o clock or 3.15 or 6.30 or whatever, you got it, right?) and peel the paper.When you come near the clock hands move them and peel that area.

Step 3:

Use the design sheet as template(Don't forget to trace the center circle) and draw a circle in white card stock.Divide the circle into 12 equal part and cut them.Use any one part as a template.

Step 4:

Use the template ,trace the outline and cut the cardstock pieces. Leave around half an inch on one end of the cardstock to overlap and glue with another piece. Repeat the same for all the 12 pieces.I used 6 colors in bright shades and 6 colors in light shades

Step 5:

Now start gluing and attaching the pieces together. Do six parts separately and another six separately. Use the template piece of cardstock to avoid glue in the main parts and cover the overlap area with tape runner and attach it to another piece.

Step 6:

Place one six parts of the colored cardstock into the clock frame with glue on the overlapping part.Now move the clock hands to the other side and carefully insert the another six parts of the cardstock and press to adhere.

Step 7:

Place the frames as it was and insert the screws wherever necessary.Voila! Your new clock is now ready !!(Optional : I used Krylon gold leaf pen to add the gold detail in the clock hands but it is completely your choice .)

You can also do a clock from the scratch if you buy the clock movement kit and a base in wood (or whatever material you prefer). Instead of the design template I have shown here, you can use the base as template and make this color patterned clock.If not this color patterned clock there are a lot of options you can try.How easy was that knock off?? Before buying anything just take a moment to think whether you can DIY. I had all the materials in hand for this project .Even if you want to buy it would cost $3 for card stock ($0.25 each) and $4 for tape runner(Yep !! This stuff is little expensive but worth the money).And if you want to buy the clock kit and base you can add another $15.Now the sum comes to around $21 which is still less than $45.Instead of buying the kit and base separately I would recommend you to check the ready made clocks which you can get for $5 to $10 and cut down the cost further.What do you think ? Will you give this a try ? Have you ever done a makeover like this to any of the decor pieces or furniture at your home ? Share them in the comments below.If you like this instructables ,please for vote for me in the "The Rainbow contest" , "Before & After Contest" & "Fandom Contest". Thank you :) Happy Crafting !!

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