Clock Cum Photo Frame From Scrap

Intro: Clock Cum Photo Frame From Scrap

It all started with my kid pushing an old desk clock from the table and boom! …….the inside of it had cracked up. Hence I thought of altering it, while I ensured that the clock still worked well. . This is an easy to make room decoration by altering an old clock and using a yogurt plastic packaging case (sold with a set
of four) to build a photo frame. This is also a great way to resuse old plastic to create your own photo frame.

Step 1: Preparing the Time Piece

This has been themed “baby” being for a child’s bedroom with cute stickers in the clock and baby texture
and themed photo frame. To start with I carefully opened the inside of the clock, repainted it to get rid of any cracks, chipped parts, logo etc. Then I added stickers to the minutes hand and another sticker at ever quarter of the clock (also to hide the damage done). Since a new mommy is tearing herself part between feeding, changing diapers, playing with the baby and taking care of herself I thought of adding stickers / sketching cartoons with copic markers to add flavor. I also stuck a monkey on the long hand of the clock such that he can do the rounds(pun intended) 24 times a day, accompanying the mommy.

Step 2: Show Tree Making

Next I cut out a tree with my paper knife from a Kraft colored cardboard. I randomly tore a part of it allowing the
corrugation to look through.

Step 3: Work on the Photo Frame

Next I made abstract designs with a hot glue gun on a white water color paper. Once done I strayed ink all over creating several textures on paper. I used this to build the background of my frame.

Now come the interesting part, that is build the frame. One day while I was clearing up my fridge I noticed I have been hoarding this yogurt packaging frames that are sold with a set of four cups. Instead of chucking it
I thought I’d use them better. These are perfect for making frames as if you stick one over the other you can simply slip a round cut (with the same diameter of the yogurt cup) photo or a picture through it and slip it back out. So I decided to do just that. I broke of one side while I made frames of the other three as you can see. I stuck the pink one over the yellow (yes the yellow is well hidden behind it.)

Step 4: Decorate With a Theme

Once this is done, it’s all about decoration! I stuck plenty of pink , baby embellishments. Handmade flowers, lace, pearls, beads, nest made up of burlap string, pinks and think girlie and childish literally!

And now this is just the right accessory on my child’s side table in the bedroom!!! Memories and time what a wonderful combination.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is very creative and beautiful, I really want to try it :-D


    3 years ago on Introduction

    very nice! I love the choices of color and it all blends together very well!