Clock/Radio Secret Compartment

Hey! This is my first instructable, and I hope you like it and vote for me in the secret compartment and doors contest. :) If so, thank you so much!
This instructable shows you how to keep money safe in plain sight.
You will need:
•a dual-powered clock or radio
-one that has both a battery pack and an electrical cord OR get an older radio, or something that just runs on batteries. It MUST have a battery pack or this won't work. I'm recommending a dual powered clock/radio because then you could use it as well as keep your money hidden

•some money to hide

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Step 1: Finding and Opening the Battery Pack

Usually, the battery pack is located at the bottom or the back of the clock/radio/whatever. I would usually use this as a place for bills, because coins can rattle against the plastic inside. The pictures above are of a radio, and the other a digital clock. They both have their battery packs taken off. You can also do this with other objects that have battery packs that are large enough to hold a couple dollar bills. However, if it is something like a battery operated car, you must remember that IT WON'T WORK. There is money instead of batteries inside it, remember?

Step 2: Putting Money Inside

Fold up the bill/bills, and put the money inside the battery cavity. If you have a battery case like inside the clock, you may have to fold the bills in half before roll/folding it up. When you are rolling it up, like in the third picture, make sure it can fit into the battery case, like in the fourth picture. If you have a larger battery pack, you may not have to fold the bill in the beginning, like in the pictures with the radio.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Snap the battery cover back on, turn the clock/radio/whatever into it's usual position, and there you go! Your money is hidden in plain sight!

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    When people see that the clock or radio isn't working they would get suspicious and wonder why it doesn't work. Any nice person would try to help out and get new batteries for it. When they open it, they will see what's inside.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago

    true, but as i have mentioned in the instructions, i am using a DUAL powered alarm clock, which means that it has an electrical cord AND a battery pack, so when you plug the clock in, it would still work while the battery pack is holding your money. I have also mentioned if you want to use another object and it just has a batery pack, IT WILL NOT WORK. please keep that in mind!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    now why didn't i think of that? nobody would steal a cheezy clock radio...