ClockWorx Shabby


Introduction: ClockWorx Shabby

Nothing like saving yourself a few hundred from buying something when you can make one!

Obtain whatever size Wooden Cable Reel Drum ( get creative with your resources). Sometimes you can find them free or you can buy one fairly cheap. Scour all the main places for things like this....Craigslist, Ebay, CURB ALERT!

Sand it down really well. Stain it first, you can be sloppy! Wiping it down and allowing to dry for 24 hours.

Get a quart of creamy white oil paint and rag on! Again allow to dry 24 hours. I didn't seal it but you can I wanted mine very rustic.

I ordered rusted out metal roman numerals from my guy on Etsy. He is the bomb. You can use whatever your hearts desire is. BE WILD!

I ordered my high torque Clockworks from Amazon, but others carry them too.

You want the hands to be sized correctly, so take your diameter of your reel and divide in half that should be about the size hands you would like to purchase.

I found what I called my "faceplate" at Michaels but again anything would be usable to adhere to the reel to "hide" your clock works from sight. You can access the batteries from the rear.

Screw on the hands in the appropriate manner and add batteries! Whala Huge clock!

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