Clockwork Heart Pendent




Introduction: Clockwork Heart Pendent

About: I'm a poor college student currently getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and working on a minor in Fine Arts. I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies, and am always looking to pick up new skills.

This is a piece I did for my valentine <3. Entirely made of old watch parts, it was mostly soldered together with a small-tipped iron. The piece was inspired by the lovely and intricate designs of Justin Gershenson-Gates, who is one of only a handful of wonderful micro-scale artists.

If you'd like a full instructable, please let me know. I plan on doing some more small scale artwork like this, and would love to share my method.




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    Can i still get the instructable for this?? please!!!

    Would love an instructable on this

    Would love the instructable! It's really beautiful

    Would definitely like the instructable! Please !!!

    Yes!please show us how you made it! :)

    These are so cute! >-<

    Heeeeeeeeey! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! do the instructable of this amazing Clockwork Heart Pendent! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    I'd love to see the full instructable!!

    I need the full instruct able

    I would love to see the instructable! I would like to make something similar myself :)

    Uuuh, I would *love* to see an entire instructable on this marvelous piece!

    I would love an in-depth look at how some of this is done, I need to get myself a fine-tipped iron >.>

    I for one would love to see how you made this. It is really beautiful.