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Introduction: Clockwork/Steampunk Ear Cuff Earring

I have always loved clocks for as long as I can remember, and I drew heavily upon that inspiration for this earring.

I was not looking for a simple pair of earrings, but, some that embodied the flow of Time and that had an edge of darkness to them.

I first started looking on Etsy to start out with, thinking I might find the kind of earrings I was looking for there, and was semi-inspired by a pair with similarly angled clock hands, but, not much else on it.

Until the image for the design came into my head a few days later, and I realized that it looked exactly like the concept I had been thinking about.

Thus, this earring was created.

If you would love one, but, cannot get the materials, or are unable to create the earring, I have the two-geared one that I created for this Instructable up in my Etsy shop.

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Step 1: Gather All of Your Materials and Tools.

To make one of these interesting earrings, you will need these few things.

1 Oval Jump Ring, 1 Large Jump Ring (the unlabeled bag), & 1 Extra Large Jump Ring

A couple of toothpicks.

An hour and minute hand of your choice of design. (These two came from a small clock kit that I found on Ebay.)

2 metal gears, one large, the other smaller. (The ones that I used for this earring can be found at Michaels, and are called 7 gypsies gem gears.)

A tube of E-6000, or a similar glue/cement that can be used to adhere metal to metal.

Two pairs of needle-nose pliers that will be used to manipulate the jump rings.

And, a paper plate works wonderfully to both glue things on and keep all those small pieces in one place.

Step 2: Set, But, Don't Forget.

Find a place to put together your earring that won't be disturbed for a day or two.

Take the two hands, flip them over and lay the top openings over top of each other, angled to the time you desire.

Keep in mind what angle you set them to, as you will be separating them in a minute.

Step 3: It's Gluin' Time!

Separate the two hands, still flipped over. Next, take the toothpick and use one tip to spread some glue around the opening on the top of the minute hand.

Now, line up the hour hand above the minute hand at the angle you want, with the openings at the end of each lined up, and gently press it into place.

Clean up any excess glue in the opening or around it with the other end of the toothpick.

Leave it to dry somewhere where it won't be disturbed for at least 24 hours, or overnight.

Step 4: Attach the Gear to the Ear Cuff.

Take your two pairs of pliers and open the large jump ring, slide one end of the jump ring through the hole in the ear cuff and close it up.

Next, open the oval jump ring and hook it around one edge of the larger gear, then, one end through the jump ring on the ear cuff before you close it up.

Try it on before you go any further and make sure that it dangles off of the ear cuff properly so that you don't end up with a backward-facing earring.

It's bound to happen anyway, so, if it does, just reopen the oval jump ring, spin it around, and loop the other end of the jump ring through the one attached to the ear cuff.

Step 5: Jump Ring the Hands to the Gear.

Retrieve the two clock hands you glued together and the extra large jump ring.

Open the jump ring and loop one end through the opening at the top of the clock hands, then, around the edge of one of the two lower sections of the large gear before closing the jump ring.

Make sure to lay the top of the hands with the opening over the edge of the gear before closing the jump ring. Or the gear over the underside of the top of the hands if doing it backward, like I did.

This will ensure that the hands don't hang backward or the top gets caught in between the jump ring and the edge of the gear.

Step 6: And, You're Done!

Step 7: For a Little Fancier Twist... Glue a Second Gear Onto the First. (A Variation)

If you want to add a bit more complexity to your earring, you can always add another gear, as I did with mine.

First, open the oval jump ring attached to the large gear and remove the gear from it. Don't worry, you'll reassemble it once you've got the gluing all finished up.

Take your tube of glue and a new toothpick and put a dab of glue on the edge of the large gear where you want the edge of the small gear to overlap.

Take the small gear and turn it so that the spokes are positioned more like an X than a +

Gently press the two gears together and if needed, take the other end of the toothpick and clean up some of the excess glue on the gears.

Leave them to dry overnight, or for at least a day.

Step 8: Reattach the Ear Cuff to the Large Gear and the Hands to the Small Gear.

Go ahead and reattach the oval jump ring to the top section of the large gear, then, take a look back up at Step 5.

This is basically what you will be doing, except for you'll be attaching it to the small gear, instead of the large one.

Step 9: That's the Dual-geared Clockwork Ear Cuff Earring for You.


Now, you've got a spiffy new clockwork earring to wear to your next gathering, convention, or wherever you want!

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