Clone a Cassette





Introduction: Clone a Cassette

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    thats very interesting, also you may not want to show everyone your credit card number in that mac screenshot. Just a friendly reminder.

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    He's only showing a tiny portion of it, look at the scroll bar on the bottom, the data goes on for a long time

    Not going to work with our cards, we have chip and pin cards.

    no... frickin... way....Seriously!!! This is scarry and awesome all at the same time!

    I see your from France. Yes, Europe has much better credit card security then in America

    I don't think coping the card with a boombox is the terrifying part, because someone has to physically swipe the card to copy it. There are already pocket sized card skimmers that waitresses, waiters, or anyone could use to clone cards for years.

    I think the 60's technology is scary. I'm much more concerned with the fact that the credit cards store static information, and that it is way to easy for hackers to use the card info that they stole from "Big Box Store A" to write copies of cards.

    That is a really beautiful boom box you got there! And yes, this looks almost too easy, will not try however, you are probably right about that watch list.

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    Ya its a great boombox. I have 2 I found on curbs that worked great. I don't know why they were tossed. I'm sure that boombox will last longer than any ipod.


    3 years ago

    That's really cool about seeing your card data with Audacity. Some cards use up to three tracks and the Square reader only reads one, I believe. How finicky is it to adhere the cassette ribbon to a new card?

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    Using tape to hold it to the card works, it took several tries to put the ribbon in the right spot. I have not found a better way to attach the ribbon to the card, but if you wanted something that worked well I would start with credit card writer instead of a cassette tape.

    Ya, I never really knew how the cards worked. Then the President Obama gave that speech on chip-and-pin security. I looked into it and credit card companies have a lot of work ahead of them to start upgrading there security, hopefully to somthing better then chip-and-pin.