Star Wars. Clone Trooper (501st Legion: Vader’s Fist)




Hello! This is my first post on Instructables (I hope not the last :))

Just want to say that I do not really speak English, so I use an interpreter - do not scold me much :)

Step 1: Start.

I became a Star Wars fan for quite some time.

Before the New Year saw a pretty nice model on Ebay, but it cost a lot of money for me.

Gathering my thoughts, I decided to create something like this with my own hands. Unfortunately, I did not expect to upload photos on the Internet, so they might not seem very informative to someone. I worked in my free time in the evenings for about one month. You judge how bad or good I got :)

Here is the list of materials that went into production:

-building insulation (foam)

-sculptural clay

-plastic white PVC 5 mm

-plastic transparent PET 0,3mm

-metal mesh

-acrylic paints

-alkyd white paint spray



-plastic water pipe Ø45 mm

-a jar of fish as a stand :)

Instruments: stationery knife, screwdrivers, sandpaper, brushes.

Step 2: Create a Base From a Foam.

First, we cut out three forms and glue together. Just in case, I crushed them with dumbbells for half an hour. Then roughly outlined the boundaries of the future helmet. I spent about 1.5 hours in the bathroom carving out this case :) After that I worked with sandpaper and a primer

Step 3: Working With the Protruding Details of the Mask.

I wanted to start molding plasticine immediately. Half an hour later I realized that this was a mistake. I removed the plasticine under warm water. I decided that I would add the same foam to the form. This idea was much better!

Step 4: Modeling

Actually, here I went modeling with plasticine. In my opinion, the longest and most tedious process :) Earphones first made again from a foam, but in the future remade from PVC plastic. I had to cut and top off the top of the figure, it was too high. I made optics of transparent thin plastic - on the inside covered it with a matte paint. I even had to scratch it for a bit, for realism :) Next, the shoulder pads were glued, but the photos, again, were not preserved :(

Step 5: Plaster, Primer

When I finished modeling - I added primers and plastered them. Worked with a sandpaper and plastered again. I thought, that's it, most of the work is finished. Especially since it was New Year's Eve. At the time of the holidays, I left work somewhere for 4-5 days :)

Step 6: Work on Bugs

After the holidays, glancing at my bust, I realized that it was not done correctly! I decided to completely remake the gas mask and fix the shape in front. In the end, it seems to me, it was closer to the truth :)

Step 7: Painting

Again, no photos of the process remained. At first I covered with white spray and the next day, when the bust dried, began to paint with acrylic paints. Brandish and brandish your tassels, there is not even time to take a phone to take a picture :)

After painting, I realized that the belt that holds the armor of the clone on the shoulders is too crooked. I decided to cut it out and also make it from plastic, as well as headphones. Cut out the right size, slightly curved. Drilled holes and cut them with a stationery knife. Long process. But the truth has turned out more smoothly? :)

Step 8: Step 8: Finish Work

I cut out a circle from the plastic for a gas mask, added a metal mesh in two layers and pasted them. Added rubbing paint, splashes, dirt in the corners of the helmet. I painted the stand the next day. The bust is ready. And now he stands and makes me happy on the shelf :) I hope you liked my first guidance. Always open to criticism or questions! I hope that my post will not leave you indifferent in any way :)



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    11 months ago

    Wow, that was a lot of fine detail work there. Epic job!

    ollin1DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 11 months ago

    Thank you so much! This is my first model. And now from that time I have a hobby :) There is a new idea, I will wait for free time.