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Introduction: Clone Wars

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An addition to my Starwars post a while ago.

Step 1: Republic Gunship

Taken from the original episode two gunships. The only difference is that this one has only one cockpit, because two would be make it too big.

Step 2: Hail Fire Droids

A rare vehicle briefly seen in the final battle in episode two, and used in both starwars battlefront 1 and 2.

Step 3: SPHA-T

Another rare vehicle only seen in a brief sequence, when 10 of them destroyed a battleship in episode 2.

Step 4: Jedi Starfighter

Here is a generic star fighter, the first make from episode two, not the clone wars one or the episode 3 one. With the red markings, it could be obi-wans?

Step 5: Clone Weaponry

This giant cannon is my own creation. Made only accessible via an extensive trench system that I will show in another 'ible.



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    Now if only your cannon could fire

    So? it was a big childhood video game of mine


    4 years ago

    I can't believe you mentioned battlefront. My friend has those games, and he's 10


    4 years ago