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hey pleas vote me I want to give this prize as a gift to my mom please try to understand I want just gift because I wanted you to give this prize us to do for you my mom because see work for me to full fill my needs and she work day to night okay who all love there mom do me a vote pleas pleas pleas

Step 1: You Need

you need a cardboards barral
1 large size 14 small size

Step 2: How to Made

you can made it your se kglf by
a gum just stick cardboard barrel

Step 3: And Pack It

pack it by any thing which is your convienent

Step 4: Important Thing

just see the introduction

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    3 years ago

    Thanks friend


    3 years ago

    That looks like a very nice idea, But you might not want to "beg" so much for members to vote for you:

    Explaining more about what you did, Taking more pictures, And maybe asking people to vote for you as the last sentence (will not only get your 'Ible featured) might make someone want to vote for you.