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Introduction: Closet Hacks - Cheap Shoe Storage in 1 Minute

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Like most college-age females of today, I own a LOT of shoes.  Also, like most college-age females, I don't have a lot of extra storage space to keep all those shoes around, and eventually I get tired of having to rummage through a pile of shoes to find the match.  

Inspiration struck me when I was cleaning out all the wire hangers out of our closet in favor of more-study plastic ones.  

All you need is a simple wire hanger.

Step 1: Bend It!

First, take your hanger and bend it into a boomerang-like shape.

Step 2: Loop It!

Pull up the bottom part of the hanger at the center fold and tuck it behind the hook of the hanger as shown.  

This reinforces the hanger so that it can support HEAVY SHOES!

Step 3: More Bending!

Bend each of arm of the boomerang shaped hanger up towards the hook, creating little rounded hooks of their own.

Step 4: Hang 'Em High!

Simply slide your shoes onto the rounded hooks, and hang them wherever they need to be accessible, yet not in the way!

They fit perfectly on a hook beside the door, on a coat rack, and ESPECIALLY in closets!

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    I have more than a dozen pairs of shoes stowed away in my storage unit which I think are still in good condition which is why I don’t have the heart to get rid of. However, over time I find that they create too much mess as they are all placed together in one large bag (stacks of boxes take up space and might be easy to topple over so I skip that idea). Now I have found this cost efficient and quick shoe hack, my shoe clutter problem can be resolved.

    I think this alternative shoe storage method is good to air the shoes out so that they will not smell. Furthermore, it is cheap to produce which means everyone ought to try it out should they have a huge shoe collection like yourself.

    When you are creative enough, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. With just a simple and cheap piece of hanger, you can already produce a piece of shoe storage and you do not even need to spend hundreds of dollars. The catch is that you would need a wardrobe in order to hang those shoes in instead of laying them down like we normally do.

    Very smart idea indeed! Never has it came across my mind that a simple clothes hanger could be used to hang my shoes too. Right now I have a specialized shoe storage hanger that can store up to 10 pairs of shoes. If I have more than 10, then I have to buy another storage hanger and leave the balance empty. However, this individual hanger idea will save me such wastage.

    Looking at this makes me think you have a 1yr old Beagle too! This is great for my 17 yr old son to hang his shoes AS SOON AS HE TAKES THEM OFF instead of waiting to chase the Beagle once he has a shoe. Thanks Bunches

    this a very great idea i am using it for my class  project at school. And i tried it at my house and it works just fine. :)

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