Cloth Bags




Introduction: Cloth Bags

These are bags that can be used for a variety of things. I made them for my daughter's pirate birthday party favors. You can also use them for snack sacks or gift bags.

Step 1: Cutting the Material

Your bag can be reversible and you can choose two different patterns or you can just use a plain solid color as the lining.

1. Determine the size of the circle for your bag and cut out two circles.
2. Determine the height of your bag. This will be the width of the rectangle. Measure the circumference of the circle and it will be the length of your rectangle. Cut out both rectangles.
3. Fold your rectangles in half, legth wise and cut. You should have four rectangles and two circles.

Step 2: Sides of Your Bag

1. Measure one inch down from the top of your rectangle and make a one inch mark with chalk. This will be the opening for your cords.
2. Sew together one side of your rectangles, leaving the marked area open. I double stitched the ends to my openings.
3. Do this for both sets of rectangles.

Step 3: Putting It Together.

1. Place the circle right side up on your sewing matching and lay one corner of the long side of your rectangle, right side down on top of your circle. Make sure your opening on your side panel is at the TOP of your bag and not closest to the bottom.
2. Sew around.
3. Now sew your panel closed. Don't forget your chalk mark and to leave it open.
4. Cut off any extra material.
5. Make your second bag.

Step 4: Sewing Lining

1. With both bags still inside out you are going to match them up and sew the tops together. First, even up the tops of the bags. Then, find your short and long side. If you are like me and didn't cut perfect or sew perfect you might have one side longer than the other. Match up the long sides of both bags.
2. Fold back the top of one bag. Insert it into the other bag. Pin the seams.
3. Sew all the way around except for a small opening so that you are able to turn the bag out.

Step 5: Guide for the Cord

1. Close up your opening. I was lazy and just used the machine. I guess you're supposed to do it by hand.
2. Then sew two lines all the way around that are the width of your opening for the cord. This will be the guide for your cord.

This proved to be the hardest part for me, seeing that I can't sew a straight line. It helps to iron it first. Learned that later.

Step 6: String It Up!

Cut two pieces of cord a few inches longer than the width of your bag and string one through on each side. whaaalaaa!

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    5 years ago

    I made it when I went to a state park. it was soon cool!!!!???