Cloth Flower Head

Introduction: Cloth Flower Head

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Hi :)
It is a cloth flower head that made of things Addition.

Step 1: Materials Needed :

1. Glue

2. Scissors

3. Cloth (size depends on the hair clamp)

4. Hair clamp

5. Decorative beads

6. Needle

7. Thread

8. Ribbon

Step 2: Sew the Two Fabric Edge

You should sew the edge of the fabric carefully. And then ironed.

Step 3: Sew the Other Edges of the Cloth to Each Other

Like Photo ...

Step 4: Wrapping Thread Around the Cloth

Like Photo ...

Step 5: Sew Ribbons to Cloth

Like Photo ...

Step 6: Sew Decorative Bead to Cloth

Like Photo ...

Step 7: Pasting ​cloth Flower Head on Hair Clamp

Like Photo ...

Step 8: Done !

Cloth flower head is ready !


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