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2' x 4' x 1/8" MDF or hardboard = $3.19

1 1/16" x 30" Piano Hinge = $7.49

Total Project $10.68

Step 1: Hinge

Cut the piano hinge into three sections of eight inches. I used tin snips and an angle grinder to cut the hinge. This can be done easily with a hack saw as well.

Step 2: Board

Set the table saw fence to nine and a half inches. Cut three strips. you should have 3 - 9.5" x 24" boards. Take one of them and cut it in half giving you 2 - 9.5" x 12"

Step 3: Assembly

Place the 2 small boards down inline with each other. Then place one larger board on each side. Use epoxy to attach the hinges to the board as the picture shows. HOT GLUE DOES NOT WORK

Step 4: Folding

Place the shirt face down. Fold the hangover parts on top. Then flip one of the sides, then flip the other. Next flip the small arm up. Perfect folding of a shirt every time.



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    Nice Job Mike That's All kind of handy. Nice build Great Instructable.

    Great project and instructions. Thanks for sharing your great ible