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My room being small and compact doesn't allow me to put my stuffs where it needs be specially my clothes as they are just everywhere in my room. Being scolded everytime with my mum I began tired of it and then though to find a solution about how I can tidy my room a bit. While looking I didn't find any possible space until I began to think out of the box.

I already found a solution some time before but for the sake of this instructables I will give all the details and the steps that I took.

Step 1: Find a Location Where to Store the Clothes

From the pictures you can see the state of my room about how my clothes were being scattered everywhere around my room including some other things as well but will deal with them later. So first is to find a location where to store the clothes when not being used and the thing is that I already had a shelf where I stored all my books, boxes, electronics etc... and just underneath was a huge empty space that was just waiting to be filled in.

Step 2: Find Something to Hang the Clothes To.

The spot found now was the time to find a way to hang the clothes which happens that I have an old furniture that contained a wooden bar so that I could use to hang my clothes onto. Next I Looked for a carpenter to remove the wooden bar from the old furniture and affix it underneath the shelf but if you can do it yourself then do it but I didn't have the tools and feared that I might damage the furniture.

Once this has been done the only thing that remained was to find the clothing hangers (I already had some around that I could use so no need to buy), add clothes to those and then hang them. Voila everything is done and clean plus no more getting scolded by mum :)

That's it no more clothes everywhere around the room.



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