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Introduction: Clothes Hanger

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No closet, no wardrobe, no problem. Make this sweet industrial looking clothes hanger for under 30 bucks.

Step 1: The Materials You Will Need.

-shower curtain rod
-Steel strapping
-small nuts and bolts
-an end cap, you have to be creative on this one I used a metal fridge magnet.

Step 2: The Tools

-Hack saw
-Metal cutter
-Screw drivers

Step 3: Cut the Shower Rod

Dont make the rod to long, half the length should be more then enough.

Step 4: Fasten the Strapping

Make it nice and tight so it clamps down on the curtain rod.

Step 5: Get Er Done

Attatch the rod and then the strapping for support.

Step 6: Find a Nice End Cap.

Like I said this was a fridge magnet I just happened to have and it fit perfect. This project was my own design and my first instructable so I welcome any comments or suggestions to make it better.



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    This is an absolutely awesome idea! I wonder though if it may be cheaper to use a galvanized pipe with the flange and end cap that are pre-made to fit? It would still be an industrial look and very cool, in my opinion! :) Great idea!

    Great space saver especially where you just have a wall sized for clothes to hang and don't want or can't put a bar hanger between two walls. I can make use of lots of places to hang more clothes. Thanks.

    Excellent, I have a wardrobe but this is much more awesome! :)
    I was thinking of making something like this but I was not sure how... and then I stumble on this! Yay!

    I really like this. My house is a former boarding home that was converted into a single family dwelling, so we are long on bedrooms and short on closets. This is great for a person like myself who can cut a shower rod in two but can't so much build a closet from scratch. Thanks!!

    Thanks for the comments. I didnt use drywall anchors or fasten to a stud. They both would make the hanger stronger but it seems to be very sturdy without them.

    Very nice. Did you fasten the strapping at a stud, or are you using drywall anchors?


    12 years ago

    Excellent instructable. I myself don't happen to have a closet, a wardrobe, or anything of the type. I can certainly see myelf making 2-3-4 of these in my bedroom. Excellent job, all in all!