Clothes Pin Picture Display

Introduction: Clothes Pin Picture Display

Do you ever find yourself wanting a creative, unique wall décor to utilize your photo collection, but you don’t want to waste too much money or put too much time into it? Well, a Clothes Pin Picture Display is an affordable, simple fix! 

Supplies Needed:

·Your choice of string or strong yarn (preferably thicker)

·Clothes Pins

·Command™ 3M Strips & hooks (you can purchase these at any grocery store or hardware store. Look for the red and yellow packaging.)


Tools Needed:


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Step 1:

1.Cut piece of string (length depends on the number of pictures you plan to display; the more photos the longer the yarn) Caution: Be careful while handling scissors!

Step 2:

2.  Measure string horizontally against wall to see how long you want it to be. Keep in mind the number of photos and the fact you’ll be tying knots at the end.

Step 3:

3.Stick command strips to wall based on string measurements (See back of box for directions on how to use Command Strips). Be sure to measure it leaving only a little slack in the middle, so the pictures don’t droop too much—keep the string tighter.

Step 4:

4.Tie two little knots, one at each end of string.

Step 5:

5.Stick string in command hooks to keep it in place (Size of command hooks may vary on your personal preference, for heavier string and/or pictures, you may want to get a smaller command strip-- the smaller the hook the harder it is for the string to slip out)

Step 6:

6.Clip pictures on string with paper clips. Hang with clips upside down for clearer display of photos and sturdier hold (especially for heavier pictures)

Step 7:

7.Finish with a display similar to this

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