Clothespin Battery Powered Keyboard Light

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Here's how to make a simple keyboard light that you can clip onto any laptop! Enjoy, an please vote for me!

Step 1: The Parts

You will need the following. 1x 9v battery 1x big wired LED 1x 9v battery pack 1x clothespin Tools: Hot glue gun

Step 2: Attach the Wires

Attach the wires from the LED to the wires on the battery pack. Red to red, and black to black.

Step 3: Glue!

Now glue the battery to the clothespin.

Step 4: Glue! Again!

Now glue the LED to the battery at a slight angle forward.

Step 5: Let There Be Light!

Now attach the battery pack to the battery. Let there be light!

Step 6: Clip It!

Clip it on the top of the keyboard. Your keyboard should light up! My camera didn't capture the light well, but in real life it looks great! I hope you enjoin this instructable and please vote for me in the battery powered contest.



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