Clothespin Match Gun





Introduction: Clothespin Match Gun

A simple match gun from a clothespin.

Step 1: What You Need

This small guide will show you how to make the simplest and most elegant clothespin match gun ever!

What you need:
1: Clothespin
2: Rubber band

Tool: Knife

Step 2: The First Cut

Cut away a small part. I like to just cut a small notch on each side and then break and trim with a knife.

Step 3: The Second and Last Cut

The rounded cut originally for the spring must be "squared."

Step 4: Assembly

Mount the spring as first image show. Sorry about the focus.
Then attach the other part with the rubber band.

Step 5: Loading and Safety

You load by lifting the top, small part over the spring and push it forward until the spring is caught in the notch. Then just press the top part backwards and the gun is ready when a match is mounted.

Remember to wear protective eyewear just like the contributor!

Step 6: Video



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    117 Discussions

    hmmmm good instructable but i have an idea instead of using strike anywhere matches why dont you just light the match on fire and then shoot it. it should work shouldnt it

    4 replies

    I actually tried to light it and then shoot it, but the flame will just go out immediately. It will not catch the clothespin on fire if it is wood (that's the kind I used)

    thats cool
    it'd be even better if it lights when it shoots :)

    Cool, I will defiantly make this.

    This is exact the same my dad taught me when I was a kid!
    Fun to see that other people know it as well. :)

    this is on youtube a vid like it and you can achally use it to shoot airsoft bebes instead of maches

     I put one of those match lighter things for safety matches under it and when it shot it shot a flaming ball...awesome...definetly..making another one tomorrow!

     i made 1 but I used "creatures of the sea manatee" or super tiny rubber bands for braces and it works amazing!!!!

    1 reply

    I made one that was almost exactly the same... I used some strike anywhere matches and put it in the opposite way and it flings a now flaming match ant people! :D

    2 replies


    My dad used to make these when he was in school. Yes, when he was IN school. He said that he used the Strike Anywhere matches, and that they would occasionally light themselves on impact with concrete.

    1 reply

    I lied...I talked to my Dad, and he said that you managed to circumvent his copyright. He did it the other way, and by using a Strike Anywhere match, the impact of the spring would light it. He also sold them to classmates, who then shot soybeans at his teacher (they where all farm kids). He really shouldn't tell me these things.