Clothespin Organizer

Introduction: Clothespin Organizer

We all have to do list. You probably have more than one. So how do you keep them all straight? This is a super affordable way to bring a little color into your home AND to organize all of those lists.

All you need are some clothes pins, some twine or string, a paint brush, a paint marker and some paints. I had craft paint on hand, but you could even use kid paint. This doesn’t have to be perfect or durable.

You could use the same color of paint or just a few colors and alternate. I used seven different colors. The amount of paint needed is so minimal that you could even use leftover paint from other projects you’ve completed.

Paint each cloths pin a color you like. I used blue, yellow, red, purple, green, silver and pink.

Grab the paint marker next and write down the days of the week. You could also write down activities or family member’s names.

Tie the twine or string in an area where you can see it. I like the idea of tying it by the door or on the fridge. This is also great for an office or for a kids’ homework area. You can use Post it notes, index cards or scraps of paper to write your lists. Then, just pop them into the notecard on the day they need attention and you’ll never forget things again. It’s a great way to teach kids to plan ahead and to make sure that they bring the correct homework or equipment on certain days. Play around with the colors or use of clothes pins and make this project your own! Tell me what you did below!

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