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Introduction: Clothespin Spoke Holiday Ornament

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Break apart those wooden clothespins and transform them into the ultimate holiday decoration for your tree! It's easy to make and it's the perfect dollar store craft for the holidays!

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Step 1: Grab Your Materials

What you will need to make these are...

  • wooden clothespins
  • glue gun
  • paints
  • paint brush
  • thin string or baker's twine
  • cardboard
  • glitter
  • small gems

Step 2: Prep Clothespins

Prep the clothespins by painting them and letting them dry. Then, for each clothespin, break them apart into two pieces and discard the metal spring.

Step 3: Glue Them Together

For this next step, you can glue the clothespin pieces together in a variety of ways. What I did here is that I glued the pieces in what would have been in its original position (meaning the two ends connecting together on the bottom). Then, I glued all of the pieces into one huge spoke shape.

Step 4: Add a Middle

To decorate the middle, trace out a large circle from a piece of cardboard, cut out the shape, and paint it in the same color to match. You can also add a bit of sparkle by throwing on a dusting of glitter while the paint's still wet. Then, glue on two rhinestone hearts (or any other gem shape that you like) in the middle.

Step 5: Add a String

Finally, cut off a piece of thin string or baker's twine, and thread it through the top center of the clothespin spoke to hang on your tree!

Step 6: Done!

This holiday ornament costs only about $2 to make, and you can make this in a variety of colors and styles!

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