Clothespins Placeholders

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I made these placeholder for a friend and since they aren't so bad, why not publish them as photo instructable? :)

The beauty of these placeholders is that besides being very cheap, you do it in a moment. Serve only wooden clothespins, a spring, decorative small clothespins and glue.

The only tools I used are pliers to cut the spring and the hot glue gun (but you can paste in other ways too).

To make them, just take the wooden clothespin, take it apart and glue the two parts obtained with glue (I used glue specifically for wood) in this way you create the base of the placeholder. Then take the spring (I cut them 5 cm long) and paste it to the base; finally paste the decorative clothespin to the top of the spring and the placeholder is done! Can be used as a placeholder, card holder or in any other way you want.

I hope you like them




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