Cloud Control | an Air Quality System Using the Intel Edison

Introduction: Cloud Control | an Air Quality System Using the Intel Edison

Our project focuses on improving the availability and quality of air pollution measurements.

Step 1: Collect Your Hardware

Firstly you need to get hold of a Intel Edison, since this is the base of the entire product. Secondly you need a variety of sensors to measure the surroundings.

- A dust sensor to measure the amount of dust in the air ( we went for the groove dust sensor )

- A temperature sensor (we went for the groove v1.2)

- A sound level sensor to measure the general sound level ( we went for the groove sound sensor)

- A gas sensor to detect harmful gasses (we went for the groove gas sensor MQ-9)

you will also need a arduino breakout board and a gpio breakout board to connect these sensors to the edison . Lastly you need a groove rgb screen.

Step 2: Assembling the Hardware

Of course you will need to assemble the hardware that's what we will discuss in this step. Firstly you will need to place the edison on the arduino board. On witch you will place the additional breakboard. To this you will attach the sensors. The temperature, sound and gas sensors need to be attached to some of the analog pins. The dust sensor needs to be attached to digital pin 8 because it needs some special features that only that port has. The screen needs to be connected to an I2C port. That's it just the programming left!

Step 3: Program the Edision

To program the eddison you will use C++ and the special intel IoT version of eclipse. You will have to use the mraa and upm headers. this will give you the ability to control all of the sensors and the screen.

You can then readout the sensors and display them at the screen.

you can find our code at

Step 4: Use the Cloud

In order to become a fully fledged IoT product you will need to connect to the internet and that's what this stage is all about. The process is actually very simple. Firstly you setup a IoT Analysis account at There you can also find instructions on how to send your data to there services.

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