Cloud Project Development for Companies and Any Other

Introduction: Cloud Project Development for Companies and Any Other

This will be my final project of University last year.

Concept: I'll make Web application for all of the people that need organize their projects, no matters what type of idea they have or how many collaborators they have! The community will be able to comunicate and help each other, develop projects together ,publicate posts and make their projects public, so anyone can see and comment it.

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Step 1: What Any Developer Realy Needs?

1) Well desinged platform with 1rst need tools.

2) Easy to use and friendly desing.

3) Community that can help and advise.

4) LARGE amount of APIs and documentation.

All of that things will be included in this project!

Step 2: I Will Make Use of Next Tecnologies

1) Bootstrap 3 as main Front-end plug-in.

2) jQuery as main User-side language.

3) PHP as main Server-side language.

4) CryptoJs for global encryption.

5) Ajax - for make completely dinamic Web app.

( Provably i'll migrate to NodeJs on beta-realize )

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