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Hi Friends, Christmas season is coming and you want to make sure you have prepared the gifts to give to little Anna and Timmy, but maybe you're having a problem figuring out what to get, or you want to give, but you choose to make over buy? Well, this tutorial is exactly for that.

I will help you and get you through step by step, on how i make my Christmas gift, which is a table lamp that looks so beautiful. It looks like it contains a rainbow and a cloud inside the bottle, so magical. But more than that, you can even control what color the light is, and how bright it is. Besides looking good to be put on top of the shelf between your books, it's also very nice to be the last light illuminating your room while you sleep the Holy Christmas night.

Well then friends, without further a due, let's get to the building :>

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Step 1: The Materials


  • Glass Bottle
    Obviously you can use whatever jar or glass containers you have.
  • Doll Filling
    This spongy cloud-looking material is the filling that you usually find inside a doll, or you can just buy a bunch from a decorative material store.
  • LED lights
    Whether you want to use an LED strip or small LED bulbs, make sure it fits the mouth of the bottle .
  • Power Source
    If you're planning on having the light portable then use a battery, but i recommend having the lamp as a furniture and use an DC Adaptor that plugs to the wall.
  • Electronic Parts
    This one depends on what kind of effects you want to include in the lamp, i made mine so that it can shift the color from blue to orange so i used a potentiometer to turn the dial to the color i want.


  • Switch - A switch is really good when you don't want to keep unplugging the lamp to turn it of if you use an adaptor
  • Decoration- Now this one is up to you but the final product will look really good if you do add some decorations :)

Always make sure to use materials that you already have and recycled materials.

Step 2: Preparing the LEDs

LED Strip

If you use an LED Strip, cut it to a little bit less than the double of the height of the bottle so that when you fold the LED strip, that is sticking its sticky part to the other half, we fold the LED Strip, because we want the LEDs to light both sides of the bottle and not only one side. The folded LED will fill the height of the bottle and leaving some space for the clouds. To power the LED strip, use an AC to DC Adaptor, but usually a color shifting LED Strip already comes with a remote and an adaptor to plug into the wall.

LED Bulb

And if you use small bottles (4-6" in height), a 1.5V - 3V LED bulb will work, but you don't get the color shifting effects from the LED strip, unless if you use multiple LEDs (varying colors) and wire them together to a potentiometer i mentioned before, that way you can turn the dial to shift to the other LED and thus changing the color of the cloud.

Step 3: Placing the LED & Cloud Into the Bottle

Now this is the Tricky part, as you need to put in the cloud and the LED in a way that the cloud hides the LED in it.

My way is that i put some cloud first to the bottom of the bottle, then put the LED on it and in the middle of the bottle, and then fill in the room around the LED with more clouds all the way to the top

Be patient in this one and use a small and long object to push the cloud into place in the bottle if your hand can no longer reach it.

Note : The more cloud you use, the harder it will be for the LED light to diffuse out, so use the appropriate amount of cloud for your container that is not too much or too little that the LED is not hidden.

In the end if you do it right, you'll have the wire of the LED poking out of the bottle mouth and the rest of the LED inside the bottle is totally hidden by the clouds.

Step 4: Final Step

Light It Up

Now you need to figure out how to power your lamp, as i've mentioned before, if you use an LED Strip it would be nicer to have it connected to an Adaptor and plug it into the wall,
but if you just use an LED bulb, you can power it over 1.5V - 3V battery, and it would be best if you use a coin cell battery as it has a small size an is easier to conceal later on with the decorative materials.

Now you can add a switch or a potentiometer if you want to, a potentiometer works similarly to a switch but instead of a flick of on and off, it uses a dial that you can turn to brighten or dim the light slowly.


Finally your lamp is finished and it's time to spice it up with some personal touch, because its Christmas season, it placed a pine cone that i previously spray painted gold on top of the bottle, and wrap the part where i stuck the switch and potentiometer with some decorative strings and marbles. Using a glue-gun makes sticking the decorations really convenient and quick.

Step 5: You Are Done :)

Congratulations, you have made a beautiful cloud in a bottle Lamp as a Christmas gift or a personal item to spice up your house and it really does works well with the Christmas theme :)

This project is competing in the "Homemade Gifts" contest, make sure to vote this project and follow me on instructable for more projects like this. Peace.

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This is an awesome gift idea, thanks for sharing :)

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Thanks! , i also thought that way, grand ma will surely like it, lol.