Cloudy Watering Pot

Introduction: Cloudy Watering Pot

I wanted to share a fun looking design that will turn a cloudy day into healthy plant growth.

This design allows you to add water to a "cloud" and let gravity take care of watering your plant.

This plant holder should allow from various types of small plants like succulents and small flowering plants.

The plans include the source models created in Tinkercad. You should additionally be able to scale up the model and print it to the capacity of your printer to grow larger plants.

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Step 1: Quick Video About How to Make Something Similar in Tinkercad.

This video shows how to work with "primitive" shapes to create a complex model.

Step 2: Final Tinkercad Output

Step 3: Printing

Print the clouds, background and pot in contrasting colors.

I prefer to print in PLA but be aware that it will breakdown in several years with the exposure to water and sun.

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