Club Birdie



Introduction: Club Birdie

This is a small birdhouse I made out of Popsicle sticks. It would  be great for all those people who love to keep birds around the house.

Step 1: Walls

In order to build the walls and floor of club birdie you will need 65 Popsicle sticks that are 6 inches long and 5/8 of an inch wide (you may use a smaller ratio of sticks if you would like to). You will place vertically 9 sticks side by side of each other, then horizontally glue on to the nine sticks that are side by side two sticks on opposite sides. After gluing on the two sticks you must glue on two sticks to those that were glued horizontally, but these must be glued vertically( repeat the building of the walls five times). If you are having trouble look at the picture. On three of the Popsicle sticks found in the middle of one of the walls you must cut in order to make the entrance. you will draw a line 1.5 inches from the end of the popsicle stick in a straight line across all three of them and then you will measure 1.5 inches from the line up the stick and then you will draw an isosceles triangle to finish the entrence.

Step 2: Floor

For the bottom of the bird house you will have to build it in a similar way to the walls of the house but there is one difference. You will still put nine Popsicle sticks side by side and glue them with two horizontal sticks. After you glue them with the two horizontal sticks you will get seven more sticks and glue them on top of the horizontal sticks (make sure they are parallel to the vertical sticks glued on by the horizontal sticks)starting from the middle out.The last two sticks on the outer of the wall should not be covered by another stick. When you are finished you can then place two sticks in between the walls of the body of the house there should be a small compartment at the end of the bottom of the wall that you can easily slide a Popsicle stick in. when you do that you may glue on the bottom and you are finished with the bottom.

Step 3: Roof

After making the cuts to the three Popsicle sticks and the glue is dry you can glue all the walls together, the floor can also be put under the walls after they have all been glued together and have dried. after you have finished gluing the walls together you can start working on the parts to make the roof of the club all you do is you get another nine Popsicle sticks and place them vertically side by side of each other, but this time you will put three horizontal sticks instead of three across the nine sticks two of them will be on opposite sides and the last one will be in the middle.

Step 4: Front & Back of Roof

You will then get seven or six Popsicle sticks (your decision) and cut them out into a triangle as shown in the picture in order to cover up the front of the roof of your club. You must cut the tip of the triangle at a measure of 80 degrees. When you have completed the cutting of the Popsicle sticks you will get another Popsicle stick and glue the pieces onto it starting from the top of the stick from smallest to biggest. Be sure to cover the Popsicle stick that is being glued so that it won’t show up at the tip or the triangle and don’t cut off the remainder, because you will need it for the next step. repeat this step twice in order to cover the front and back of your roof.

Step 5: Hang

For this step you will need a drill and some string or thin rope in order to drill a hole on both sides of the roof with any size drill bit so that the string or thin rope may freely slide through it. You must drill the holes so that they are as close to being parallel as possible if you have trouble drilling the holes you may place it on top of an unneeded piece of wood or board that way you would not damage any important things you have. When you feed the string or rope through you may have to take the roof of and feed it through the other hole on the opposite side. When you finish feeding it through the holes you will tie a knot at the ends, but if you would like you can wait and feed the string or thin rope through the holes as the last step, as you may see I took of the thin rope because it got in my way for the next steps.

Step 6: Finishing Up

You glue the popsicle stick that has the front of your roof to the back of the front wall and hold it in place for a couple of seconds until the glue can hold on to the piece so it won’t fall off. make sure the popsicle stick holding the pieces is on the inside of the house and not the outside. You will do the same thing for the back of the house. You will write “Club Birdie” on another stick and glue it right above the entrance. Glue the other roof parts onto the top of the house and then you will get some Christmas lights or any other small lights and wrap them around the top of the house and around the bottom of the roof.  You can then add the string to hang it up on a tree or any place you would like.Then you can put sticks around the bottom of the house in order to cover up the ridges of the Popsicle sticks and you are finished with building “Club Birdie”.

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