Clumsy House Decorator Costume.





Introduction: Clumsy House Decorator Costume.

Hi Again. This is very simple to do Illusion Costume of Floating Tin of Paint

You can get it done in about 1,5hr max

So put your dirty clothes , grab some brush and become Clumsy House Decorator.

Kids will have great fun watching you!

WARNING. Please be extra careful with hot water while working with Polymorph !!!

Step 1: Ingredients

Base of this project is Polymorph plastic.(250g) (e-bay, amazon etc.)

You will also need, some old tin (I used small tin of green peas), coloring powder and hairspray.

Polymorph is a thermoplastic polymer which melts at 62°C and consists of small off-white plastic granules. By heating these granules in hot water you can easily melt the pellets to form a transparent flexible material. Once melted the opaque white pellets fuse together, become transparent and soften, allowing the user to form the plastic by hand into unique shapes.

Polymorph is completely re-usable, allowing it to become flexible again once heated above 62°C, at which point it will revert back to a mouldable condition, allowing it to be re-formed into a different shape or product. Polymorph is completely biodegradable in soil conditions and is 100% non-toxic. It can be coloured using powder additives or painted when hardened.

This mean that if you're not happy with result you can heat it up and form it again and again,

Step 2: Coloring and Forming.

To get Polymorph colored you can use standard coloring powder. Melt pellets in hot water , add powder and mix it together by hands untill it gets hard. You might have to repeat this process to get good color.

Amount of powder depends of color you want to get. In my case it was less than tea spoon.

When you're happy with the color warm Polymorph again, leave about 25% of it for later, make "disc" shape of approx 10cm diameter and 5mm thickness.

WARNING: at this step DO NOT heat it over lowest melting temperature because it might burn skin on your head which is more sensitive than skin on your hands.

Next make sure again its not to hot and place it on your head.

As you see I'm bald head, if you have hairs you will need to cover them now. I think swimming hat would be good but I didn't had to try it so I'm not sure.

At this point you will need someone to help you shape drips around your head.

By pulling it down with fingers in random spots around disc you will get that dripping effect. Make sure you or your helper are doing it quick as it gets hard very fast.

Step 3: Tin and Joint

Easiest step of all was to create paint dripping from tin.

Melt Polymorph, add it into tin , keep in an angle you like. Leave about 15cm of "paint" hanging outside tin. You will use it later to join it with head piece.

Let it get hard and rest.

Next melt ONLY hanging piece of "paint" by putting it into hot water. When you will see that it starts to melt again take it of the water and join it with head piece and cool it down with cold water.

At this stage forming is all done.

To make it more shiny and wet like look spray it with hairspray.

At last if your tin has no branding you can add your own name or brand.

That's it.


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8 months ago

Incredible look ^^


8 months ago



8 months ago

Excellent instructions, thank you.

This is going to be big. Huge.

We saw several pieces of art in Salzburg, Austria that must have used this technique. They were in a hallway leading into a fine restaurant where we were served a "Mozart Dinner".

VERY well done thank you for sharing.


8 months ago

Very clever! Nice job!


9 months ago

Bravo! THIS is the kind of costume I enjoy, creativity. Anyone can build a cosplay outfit, but this IS creative!

This is funny and really cool! Great job!

this is really cool.

Great job

That is great! I also had never heard of Polymorph but now I want some.

Love,love,love! Have never heard of Polymorph but am ordering ASAP. If you haven't already, you should send this to the manufacturer (and get a cut when their sales take off :)

Well done!


1 year ago

Awesome costume! I've never heard of polymorph, gonna have to get some.

Fun! Just need a convertible to get to the party! Ha ha

This is great! Voted.

When I paint, usually I have painted my nose also.
I would use old kid's ball to form it. Nice orange.

1 reply

Thanks, I'm the same. On Halloween Night I'm gonna be more paint dirty. About color I was trying to get pumpkin orange for this.

It looks great on you, but what if you had hair? Would it still work?

2 replies

thanks. sure it would still look good. you just have to remember to cover your hair before applying polymorph. something like swimming hat should be fine. after plastic gets hard you can take it off, remove hair cover and place plastic form back on your head. it is customized shape that fits perfectly your head so you can take it on and off many times and it always fits.

Oh yeah, that seems like an obvious answer now that I think about it. Thanks, I might try this.