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Introduction: Clutch Pedal Grip

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The night before I was to spend a week drivin in the Peruvian Andies on crazy roads I did this hack to make driving this worn out 1987 landcruiser 70 series a little bit safer.

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Step 1: Shoe Goo Is Magical

Besides tie wire and duckttape shoe goo is one of the handyman's secret weapons. All you need for this hack is: -Shoe Goo -A business card

Step 2: Squeeze It On

I put two lines of Goo down the

Step 3: It Should Look Like This!

Step 4: Spread It Out With a Business Card

Step 5: Tada!!!!!

Let it cure over night and you're ready to go!!!

Step 6: Drive to the End of the World

With this hack I was able to drive this 70 all over the mountains of Peru for 10 days without my foot slipping off the pedal even once!!!

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