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old car's clutch plate turns into wall clock

Step 1: Parts Required

old clutch plate (I used Maruti Suzuki Swift's clutch plate), numbers for dial, old clock , paints, screws and wooden block to hold the clock.

Step 2: Polishing and Painting

need to remove the rust from a clutch plate and painting

Step 3: Clock Hands

there are two ways to fix the clock hands with clock mechanism one is to increase the axis another one is to bent a hands. I bent it since it's quite easy

Step 4: Fixing the Clock With Clutch

I used super glue to fix it and some small screw to fix the wooden block with clutch plate

Step 5: Paste the Number

once everything is complete use the super glue to fix the numbers. I used only four numbers. 12, 3 , 6 and 9

Step 6: Testing

Make sure that the hands are having proper distance between them so that there won't be any blocking



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    1 year ago

    Odd seeing this. I just yesterday pulled a clutch and pressure plate out of my truck because the slave cylinder went belly up. So I have new ones to go back in. But the old one is still excellent yet. Your project made me stop and read it. Nice idea.

    1 reply