Cmd Accounts

Are you tired of starting your computer, firing up IE and waiting for 10 minutes? Than use this easy-to-make batch program. It has much more than IE. I have a bigger version of Accounts called Homes.

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Step 1:

Start Notepad or Notepad++. You need some knowledge of Batch to do this. Type in the following code:

@echo off
title Cmd Accounts
echo Cmd Accounts
echo ----------------------
echo 1) Start
echo 2) Exit
set /p menu==
if %menu%==1 goto start
if %menu%==2 exit
echo Cmd Accounts Home
echo ------------------------------
echo 1) Start IE
echo 2) Start Chrome
echo 3) Start Safari
echo 4) Notes
echo 5) Notepad
echo 6) Exit

Continuing in the next step.

Step 2:

Add this to the code:

set /p o==
if %o%==1 start ie.exe
if %o%==2 start chrome.exe
if %o%==3 start safari.exe
if %o%==4 start StikyNot.exe
if %o%==5 start notepad
if %o%==6 exit

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    It isn't working for me.

    Although I don't fully understand your question, and because no one else is bothering to answer you:

    No, I don't think so. This batch file only starts your default browser once, and then every time you log in, you need to open it again. In my opinion it's faster just clicking on the shortcut...