Cnc Printer

This is a cnc printer made from a DVD drive.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

  • DVD Drive
  • 2 stepper motors
  • One mini servo motor
  • One Breadboard
  • 2 H-bridge chips
  • Writing device
  • One piece of plexiglass 20x16 cm (thickness 5mm) (for X axis)
  • Two pieces of plexiglass 14x4 cm (thickness 5mm) (for Y axis)
  • A few nut screws, nuts and shims (~20)
  • A few spacers
  • Four supporting angles (preferably plastic)

Step 2: Solder Stepper Motors

Solder 3 wires to each stepper motor

I had a problem because the motors would not work correctly and that was a problem

Step 3: Wire H-bridge and Motors

for the power you need two usb to the aurduino

you need to wire like the diagram

I did not finish this project



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    10 months ago

    This is cool! I would love to see your code for this!