Co2 Car and Solar Powered Boat





Introduction: Co2 Car and Solar Powered Boat

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The Co2 car's side intakes actually work, and empty into the wheel wells. My Solar powered boat was the fastest boat that my engineering teacher has seen. He said it would have won the races, if only I finished it on time!



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    I built one of these in tech class last year. It came in first place. It went around 80 feet in .839 seconds. That's about 100 mph. Beat that. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    I wish I could, but I don't want to A) take the boat apart to show the innards, because I have it just right and any monkeying around will ruin that.
    B) the side intakes are far to hard to explain without actually re-building them, which took over a week to do.

    It's not an Instructable. It's a Slide Show.

    Use a slideshow to show pictures of a finished project, a work in progress, your work space, or something that you don't quite have full enough documentation to make an Instructable. Slideshows are perfect for sharing your old projects, or those projects that you did so fast that you forgot to take pictures along the way. You can outline what you did, what tools and materials you used, and show off the final project.

    Plus, I've completely forgotten how to make them. I'll try to scan the plans now that the scanner is working. It'll show more detail, like the dotted lines.

    That hole in the back is where you put the Co2 canister. When the seal is broken the Co2 propels the car quite fast.