Coaster Design

3d printing is great our office coasters either got wet or stuck to a wet glass. This design allows for the voids formed by the inill to take up the moisture but not let it go through the coaster.

Step 1: 3d Printed Drink Coaster

Step 2

File was started in Autodesk inventor on the xy plane (right click xy plane in part browser)

Step 2: Sketch

Draw a circle on the sketch plane.

Step 3: Finish Sketch

Right click and finish sketch.

Step 4: Extrude

Right click and extrude 6mm

Step 5: Apply a Round

Apply a full round fillet by selecting front face>side>back face then apply.

Step 6: Export STL

Export to STL.

Step 7: Slice

1. Open in Repetier

2. we sliced with Cura engine 0.2 layer height 15% infill

3. export Gcode

Step 8: Edit Gcode

1. Open in notepad ++ which is a free download do a find on layer ctrl f and find one around the z 5.000 mark

2. Select all the code between by selecting the line number in the right column and then scroll through Gcode until you get to your normal end sequence and delete.

Step 9:

you can download the stl and example gcode file here if you like (Warning don't
use the gcode file as it was written specifically for our printer)



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