Coat Hook Curtains

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Try school house-style coat hooks for for a quick and inexpensive curtain rod alternative.

All you need:
-2 coat hooks of your choosing (I painted mine)
-chain--longer than your window, as drape will occur plus more if you want some to dangle on the ends
-2 S-hooks (optional)
-wall anchors for each screw
-drill for anchor holes

Total cost: ~$5 for a large window

Step 1: Assemble

Keeping in mind the length of your curtain, mark holes for screws, pre-drill, insert wall anchors and attach the hooks to the wall. If you want more info on using wall anchors, check out eHow. I promise, it's easy.

Thread your curtain on the chain and use S-hooks to attach the chain to the coat hooks by inserting one end of the S-hook in the chain and the other over the coat hook. If your chain is big enough, you can forego the s-hooks and stick the coat hook directly though a link of the chain. Voila. Cheap and easy...just the way some like it.

Note for the curious: I created my curtains using a devore, or burn-out technique. It utilizes an acid that dissolves celluloid fibers while leaving proteins and man-made materials intact. Yes. The pattern is binary. I'll follow up with a tutorial one of these days. In the meantime, you can find a faulty recipe for it at prochemical. Just don't add so much guar gum and you should be fine. Please note that I am not a chemist and you attempt this recipe and my modification at your own risk. Risk is fun, right?



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    6 Discussions


    Thanks for this.

    I am looking for a way to divide very small apartment's kitchen / living room space. This idea seems much more stress-free than hanging a tension wire.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Well i thank you for the concept because my set up is similar but i got the idea from you, so thanks. Alex

    Very Keri

    12 years ago on Introduction

    ooh, this just solved my problem of my window being too retarded to fit one long curtain rod OR two short ones! I won't be using the chain, but i'll find something to suit my taste, I'm sure. It's so simple...


    12 years ago

    Its a good idea--I could see using that for bulkier chains. I have no problem as is, though :)

    1 reply

    12 years ago

    very middle class ghetto (o; nice Some clear pvc tubing on the chain would allow your to open/close the curtains smoothly