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Son in law and I made this quick coat rack for their new basement.

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Step 1: Cut 4 Scrap Boards About 33" Long and Screwed Them to the Truss.

So far these were surplus from making their tote shelves.

Step 2: Home Depot Didn't Have Finished 1 1/4" 9' Long So We Bought a 9' Piece of Rougher 1 1/4". Only 5" of Scrap.

There were no J hooks so we made the hangers out of plumbers strap. Home Depot had them in 10' packages for $2 or $4, guess which one he bought.

Step 3: Plumbers Banding

This project costs him 9' of wood dowel @ $1.20 per foot and $2.00 for the strap. Add in the wood if it had been purchased seperately.

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    Trini Mom

    3 years ago

    Interesting idea