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Introduction: Coat for Arthritic Dog

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Lab Lilly loves daily "2-Block-Walks", even in rain, snow, or just plain COLD!! Now 12 years old with arthritis, she needed to bundle with no joint strain. My pattern revision uses VELCRO so older dogs continue to exercise, visit friends, and avoid muscular strain!!

Think of coat like a clam shell, as the "hinge" would be the turtleneck collar put over her head.

Red doodle lines in pattern pic display Velcro location.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Fabric, pattern, needles, thread, sewing machine, scissors, Velcro, & a sweet canine companion.

For this Instructable, I used Butterick Pattern #B5275 for a warm "turtleneck" style. Other dog coat patterns may help for general proportions or another dog coat may be altered.

OPTIONAL: Vinyl fabric to "water proof" front, quilting liner (any 2nd fabric layer) for insulation. I like plastic Quilting Clips (not pins) for vinyl/ thick fabrics. For Sew-On Velcro, Upholstery Thread and stronger sew machine needles are a good choice. Quilt binding/ bias tape may also be added.

Step 2: Adjust & Cut Out Each Pattern Piece.

I added some length to the Back (#2 in pattern) and sleeve length (#4) as Labrador Retrievers are tall!

Also made Collar (#3) deeper for better neck coverage (it is a turtleneck in winter).

Step 3: OPTIONAL: Attach Vinyl And/or Lining

Sew Vinyl on outside of Front so easier to wipe off mud & slush splatters to keep dry.

Quilt lining (or extra fabric layer) inside back & sleeves to increase insulation.

Step 4: Stitch Shoulders, Then Collar.

Stitch Front shoulders to Back shoulders.

(May zig-zag over all for strength.)

Stitch the ends of collar together into a cylinder shape, then stitch (right sides together) collar to neck opening. Fold collar inward before baste or hand stitch inside.

Step 5: Attach Sleeves

Stitch Sleeves to armhole openings.

Step 6: Try on to Check, Then Sew on Velcro.

Have your sweet canine companion try on the Coat for any adjustments before Velcro added.

I chose to use 2' wide soft loop velcro for inside the Back & sleeves. Then use 5/8" wide tougher hook velcro for the outside of the coat Front and sleeves. (Upholstery thread is good to use) Lilly is now ready for her daily walk!!

Optional: May add bias tape to outer edges.

Thank You for checking out my Instructable!!

Step 7:

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    2 years ago

    So cute!! What a sweet dog too <3


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank You!! Lilly the Lab Loves it too!!