Coat Hanger (or Lead Hanger)

Introduction: Coat Hanger (or Lead Hanger)

I'm going to have a cat, so I decide to create sth for animal lovers.

It's a coat hanger or lead hanger (You can also hang on it all pet's accesories).

Step 1: Silhouette

Draw a silhouette of your favourite pet, such as grumpy cat or
french buldog. Use program like Photoshop, Illustrator or free programs like Inkscape, Gimp.

If you are not skilled in drawing use clipart.

Save image as jpg. file

Step 2: Converting

Convert jpg. file into svg.

You can use online converters like this:

Step 3: Tinkercad

Open Tinkercad. It's free program that opens in browser window:

Import svg. file. Change size if you want.

Step 4: Making Holes

Put 2 cylinder holes to make place for screws that will fix hanger to wall.

Select all and group

Step 5: Making Hooks

Put a hole on the top of cylinder to make hollow in hook. Then group them and put on the place where you like to have them. Now group them all

Step 6: Saving

Name your project and save it for 3D printing.

Now print it or order 3D print.

Fix to the wall and enjoy:))))))))

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