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i like medieval part in history.knights,kings,princesses,weapons,dragons,castles,coat of arms.coat of arms......wanna make one at home .love to.

i made it using microsoft paint in windows need to download or copy the images from the internet or these one.

Step 1:

open ms paint

Step 2:

copy paste the outline shape image and select the one you erase or colour white on the ones you don't want.

Step 3:

now you can take the idea of inner lines from the pics i highlighted at the introduction.draw the lines using line tool.

Step 4:

you can now select the object you want in the centre of the coat.erase off all the ones you don't want and enlarge the one you want.

Step 5:

now cut the ribbon and the part below it and keep it aside.

Step 6:

fix the object in the centre of the coat and place the ribbon below the object.

Step 7:

it will not look nice until you join it.join the two pieces using line tool and make it a single can also make the inner lines once again if the are removed or spoiled.simply make the new lines black using paint tool.

Step 8:

you can now colour the coat of arms using paint tool and you can also add text to it using word tool.for more perfection in colour of the coat of arms you can magnify it using magnification tool and the paint using brush tool.

Step 9:

i made my coat of arms a different looking one as shown in the before you can print,paint or do what you want to do with the is just the and comment if you like



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    3 Discussions

    kanav bhardwaj

    2 years ago

    i am a big fan of medieval time.thanks for commenting


    2 years ago

    Way cool design. If you like medieval stuff, look up the rules of heraldry online. They basically specify how coats of arms have to be drawn and colored as the idea was to be able to identify someone at a distance.


    2 years ago

    These look really nice :) I like researching this kind of thing for fun.