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Introduction: Coat Rack With Shelf

This is my first project on here. I seen a picture of a of a coat rack with a shelf above it and decided I wanted to make one.

I made this out of mixed soft wood lumber
1) 1x8x8'
1) 1x6x8'
1) 1x4x8'

Tools I used
Chop saw
Scroll saw
Orbital sander
18ga nail gun
wood glue

Step 1: The Planning

First step in all my projects is planning. I started by estimating the size of the shelf I had seen. I like to keep things simple so when planning I like to use nice round measurements as much as possible. Though planning is important it doesn't mean you have to stick to the plan. One example would be the sides of the shelf I made 2" longer. Another would be I added blocks on the back side to later use to hang the shelf once finished.

Step 2: The First Cut

The first cut was made with the chop saw and was also the first change I made. Cutting the sides to 14".

The second cut was cutting the radius. Firstly I printed out a full scale copy of the side and traced the arc onto the board. Then moved to the scroll saw. I uses the scroll saw because that's what I have this cut can be made with other saws as well. Once both sides are cut I clamped them together and sanded them by hand till the matched. The next touch I rounded the edges of the curve by sanding.

Step 3: Starting to Put Things Together

As the rest of the cuts are all square cuts I did not feel the need to describe each one. During assembly I measured and marked where each piece went and used clamps to secure each piece as I glued and nailed them. Putting as few as possible nails in the the exposed faces and giving them a couple extra where they would not be seen.

Step 4: Putting the Face On

The face is made from a 1x4 that I ripped on the table saw into 1" strips. Then cut to length and fastened the front edge of the shelf I was able to sneak some staples only to the top and bottom pieces that run the length of the shelf. By shooting them at an angle into the edge of each of the verticals before the shorter face pieces were added. As for the short vertical pieces I wasn't able to staple them so they are only glued and clamped till dry.

Step 5: Finishing the Wood

Once finished with assembly sand all surfaces till satisfied. This was my first time staining anything. I just followed the directions on the can. It turned out much darker than the can lead me to believe.

Step 6: The Hardware

Measure and mark out where each coat hook will go. I used a screwdriver while applying down pressure to fasten the hooks with the supplied hardware. The last thing you will have to do is find a place to hang it up.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Nice work! What were the overall dimensions when you were done? And what hardware did you use to mount it?


    Reply 5 years ago

    I think I stuck to the drawings for the most part other than I believe I made the sides 2" taller. I just ran screws through the boards that are flush to the wall into studs. I don't have much faith in hardware hangers to hold the shelf loaded with heavy coats. The coat hanger hardware I picked up at a box store there was a large selection and I liked these the best.