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Introduction: Cobblestone Generator

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This cobblestone generator can create 130 blocks of cobblestone before it gets stuck. Sorta helpful if you need cobblestone for the chest full of cobblestone achievement or some other reason. Without further ado, lets get started.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

Here is what you will need: 25 redstone dust, 17 redstone repeaters, 1 lever, 11 normal pistons, bucket of water, bucket of lava, and 26 nonburnable blocks of your choice.

Step 2: The Cobblestone Generator.

The first step is to make what makes the cobblestone. Build a 3x12 rectangle and hollow the middle out, as shown.

Step 3:

Add water at the left edge and then put a piston and pour out the bucket of lava as shown. It should make cobblestone in front of the piston. (Btw mine the block in front of the cobblestone. Forgot to add that)

Step 4: The Redstone Loop

Bring some redstone dust out three blocks from the piston and then build this little contraption with repeaters. Make sure their facing the right direction and all of them are on four ticks.

Step 5: How to Start the Loop

Place a lever where shown and then turn it on and turn off as fast as you can. There should be a bright spot moving around the repeaters. If there isn't, try again. If all the repeaters are on break one of the redstone dust pieces, wait until nothing is bright, place it back, and try again.

Step 6: The Pistons

Now, wait until the piston can't push the cobblestone any further, and the add the rest of your pistons where shown.

Step 7: Hooking Up the Pistons

Bring some redstone around where shown. Then add a redstone repeater at the end on one tick delay.

Step 8:

Bring the redstone over to where I show you. I forgot the picture, but place the rest of the repeaters facing into the pistons on a 2 tick delay.

Step 9: Done

And now you can generate cobblestone whenever you want.

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