Cobra Stitch




Introduction: Cobra Stitch

Want to make cool bracelets, necklaces, pet collars and more? The cobra stitch is the ultimate way to make creative accessories.

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Step 1: Prepare

Get two pieces of string, paracord or whatever you want and old them both over. Tie a knot.

Step 2: Start

Pick one if the two colours to be one the outside. Grab one of the pieces of that colour.

Step 3: Under

Put that piece under both strings of the opposite colour only.

Step 4: Over

Put that same piece over the other string in the same colour.

Step 5: Over Again

Take the string under the one you were just working with and put it over the two of the opposite colour.

Step 6: Through

Take the same piece and put it through the loop as shown, then pull. You are essentially making a knot.

Step 7: Repeat

Repeat these steps a bunch of times. Your bracelet thingy should look like this.

Step 8: Finishing Off the Bracelet

Fold the pink cords over to make a loop. Continue the cobra stitch for a bit. Do a double knot with the white cords and cut off all loose ends.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    if youre doing it with string you can just knot it at the end... the thicker you want it to be add more strings in the middle (the pink ones in the pics).