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Introduction: Paracord Jewerly (Bracelet)

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This tutorial will teach you how to make the popular Cobra &/or Solomon paracord bracelet but with a sophisticated twist, combining stainless steel & brass with paracord

Recycling or upcycling unusual objects &/or materials combined with paracord can create unique items of homemade jewelry

This unisex bracelet is more decorative than functional (survival bracelet) So I wouldnt recomment it for survival

It looks great if you wear it with your stainless steel, sterling silver, white gold or yellow gold jewelry &/or watch

Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, so don't forget to look at my images

Step 1: Materials

For this tutorial, you will need:
1 Ruler
2 Lighter Torch
3 Scissors
4 Brass Washers (# 10 S)
5 Stainless Steel Washers (# 8)
6 Stainless Steel Buckle
7 Paracord 10 feet (8.5 in. bracelet) - Black or your color choice
8 Paracord 1 feet - Camo or your color choice
Paracord & Stainless Steel Buckles online
Washers in your local tool/hardware store

Step 2: Start: Buckle

1 Fold your paracord in half and thread the folded loop end through the top of the female end of the buckle
2 Take the loop end and pull it over the top of the female end of the buckle and pull it tight
3 Thread the two loose ends of the cord through the top of the male end of the buckle

Step 3: Measure Wrist

Now it is time to find the proper size for your bracelet
Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and clasp the buckle
Size it so that you can put two fingers underneath the buckle comfortably
The bracelet will get tighter as you braid

Step 4: Knot Tying

1 Carefully unbuckle the bracelet and hold the cords so that they do not pull through the buckle You want to maintain the correct length
You will have a left and right cord going through the buckle
2 Drop the right running end over the cord beneath it
3 Then hook it left and through the back of the left crook
4 Tighten firmly

Step 5: Center Stripe Cord

1 Take your short piece of paracord and pull out the center strands so that you have a gutted hollow piece of paracord
This will allow the cord to lay flat while weaving over it
2 Run your short piece of cord between the two center cords so you have about an inch excess hanging out the back

Step 6: Add Washers

Insert the first washer through the middle stripe cord, push it from the bottom all the way to the top

Step 7: Keep Knot Tying

Keep knot tying the popular Cobra Braid
Same technique shown in step 4
Continue creating the cobra knots alternating each time and adding washers
Continue braiding all the way until you get close to the end while leaving enough space for another knot
Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Step 8: Tuck Center Stripe

1 Tuck the center stripe cord down between the two center cords so that it is now hanging out the back
2 Do one more cobra knot
You should now be at the end

Step 9: Finish Off

1 Now it is time to finish off the bracelet
Turn the bracelet upside down and lift up about two of the last loops
This is so we can tuck the excess cord
You can use a pen or paracord fid to help lift up the loops (I used my scissors)
2 Thread the cords through the loops
*If the center cord is long you can also thread it though the loops along with the left & right cord
3 Pull the cords through tight

Step 10: Snip & Singe

Carefully snip and singe the excess cords
Use your scissors & your light torch
Be careful not to cut or burn yourself
After this the bracelet will have a finished appearance

Step 11: Bracelet Ready

If you did everything correctly your bracelet should look like this

Step 12: Variation

There are lots of variations for this bracelet
Use your imagination/be creative

I came up with this 2 other designs (see pics)

Important variation note to hikers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts:
Even though I created this bracelet for decorative reasons rather than functional (survival) reasons, if you substitute the stainless steel buckle for a stainless steel D-Shackle, it will make the bracelet both decorative (maintaining the original aesthetic of the bracelet) & functional (easier to be deployed/unraveled); you might not be able to use the middle stripe cord since it's too short, but you could make use of the longer cord if needed for whatever purpose

I hope you enjoyed this instructable as much as I enjoyed creating it


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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I bet this method would look super cool with some of those antique Chinese coins with the holes in the middle and the right color of paracord.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the suggestion… We think alike, actually I got inspired from those ancient chinese coins!