Cobra Weave Exploding Stick Bomb




Introduction: Cobra Weave Exploding Stick Bomb

The Cobra Weave Exploding Stick Bomb is pretty dang cool. I've seen a lot of the smaller stick bombs on Instructables but none of these chain ones so I'm really excited to share it with everyone. 
The chain is pretty easy to put together and is reusable so there is plenty of entertainment value. It's awesome to watch the stick bomb in action, rising like a cobra and noisily spitting sticks out as it goes. Watch the video to see it in action!
I would love to see other people's cobra weave stick bombs so if you make a cool one be sure to link in the comments. 

Step 1: Materials

What you need:
-a big ol' pile of popsicle sticks
-string (optional)
-your hands and maybe a buddy's hands too

Step 2:

Cross two sticks into an "x" shape like in the picture. You want it to be a little slantly so that there are two obtuse and two acute angles. The stick on top will be stick 1 and the stick on bottom will be stick 2, see picture for note.

If using two colors, these first two stick should be the same color, in my case green.

Step 3:

Add a Stick 3 by tucking one end under the end of Stick 2. The new stick should go over Stick 1. 

If using two colors then the stick added in this step should be the other color not used in the previous step, purple in my case. 

Step 4:

Add another stick by tucking it's end under Stick 2 and letting the rest lay over Stick 3.

If using two colors then add a stick the color of the ones you used to make the "x" shape, in my case green.

Step 5:

Continue adding sticks by tucking the end under the opposite color stick and letting the rest go over the other stick until you've reached the desired length. Just remember that patiece will pay off and the longer the stick bomb you make the longer explosion show you'll have.

Step 6:

If you want to be able to trigger the stick bomb from a distance then you can attach a pull string. Simply tie a piece of string to a stick then use that to bind the working end.

If you don't want the pull string then just add a stick so that it is under both ends but over the middle stick, as the picture shows. 

Step 7:

When for the action, give the pull string a nice tug or remove the binding stick by hand and stand back. If all goes well your cobra weave should rise up like a wave while sticks are wildly thrown across the room. Enjoy! 



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super cool I loved it

THIS IS AWESOME! It really helped out my YT channel. Thanks so much for posting.

I made a really long one but put sharp turns in it and sharp turns don't work with these try really wide turns, it was hard at first but once i got it down it takes me 15 minutes to make a 800 stick chain.

1 reply

it's actually pretty easy thanks


I have searched YouTube for quite awhile on how to make a cobra weave, but they confused me. yours taught me how to make one without getting lost on what to do. if I can successfully make one, I'll put it on here

I made it. Showed my kids, they jumped then thought it was cool.


It is so fun! If you can, you should stop by Walmart and buy a big box of them for about $5. The big ones are are usually easier to work with and if you have some extra time you can dye them in a little bit of paint and water.