Introduction: Cocanut-Lamp

Hello world! this is my idea to recycle a coconut and a small bottle of coca-cola, to create a nice little lamp.

It really takes a few steps and a few tools to be realized.

This is what we need:

- a coconut

- CocaCola bottle

- a little light bulb

- wire, plug and switch

- metallic wire

- small saw

- pliers and screwdrivers

Step 1: Cut the Coconut

with the help of a small saw, cut the coconut a little bit below that in the middle.

It could take some minute to finish this job, but once you end it you can enjoy this tasty fruit !!

Step 2: The Electric Step

Now it's time to connect together all the electric stuff: light bulb, wire, plug and switch.

It should not be a difficult task, so I'm not going to explain you how to do it...

Step 3: Bearing Structure

Use a metallic wire to create the spherical structure that will support the coconut and the lamp.

It's not easy to explain how to do it.. so if it could be of any help I put my realization into a video.

Maybe a picture will be more comprehensive than a thousand words.

Step 4: "and There Was Light"

Connect the bulb and, if explosion do not occur, we should have finished!

I hope you like my idea and the final result.

Thanks for watching ! Bye bye

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