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These additive Halloween treats have a mysterious crunch that may be slightly disturbing to your guests.  Bite into these chocolate-coated pieces of simulated exoskeleton and taste the salty meets sweet meets crunchy sensation that is the perfect Halloween party food.

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Step 1: Supplies

Cockroach Body Parts*
Chocolate Almond Bark or tempered chocolate for dipping candy
Large Bowl
Parchment Paper

*I use "shoestring style" potato chips because they give the best look and crunch to the final product. You can, however, use thin pretzels or chow mein noodles.  These substitutes will be sufficient but I find that the crunch isn't as distinctly disturbing as that of potato chip sticks.

Step 2: Preparing the Bodies

Place some potato chips into your bowl.  (I used most of a 9oz can of chips here.)  Crush your potato chips.  Crush just enough to break the long strips into pieces 1" long or shorter.  Measure the volume of your crushed chips.  (I got about 2 cup of chips.)

Step 3: Chocolate

If your chocolate is in block form, roughly chop it. If it's in pieces already, there's no need to break it up further. Measure the volume of your unmelted chocolate. You want the approximately the same volume of unmelted chocolate pieces as you do chips. For example, for 2 cup crushed chips, use 2 cup chopped, unmelted chocolate. (I used half of a 24. oz. package.)

Step 4: Combining

Melt chocolate as directed on the product package.

Pour your melted chocolate over the chips and stir to coat.  The amount of chocolate required may be subjective.  If you find you don't have enough, add more melted chocolate.

Drop by spoonfuls onto parchment paper and allow to set.  Consume.  Store in a sealed container away from heat.

Step 5: Further Options

You can also add chopped dried fruit or nuts to your potato chip pieces to give the softer feeling of biting into the center of a cockroach body along with that leggy "crunch."

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    Question 1 year ago

    hey a quick question. Just how many does this recipe make?


    4 years ago

    I tried these with hersheys melted chocolate bars and ripples chips and the taste AMAZING!


    4 years ago

    Okay..... Yeah um QUICK TIP: dont put the chocolate in a small glass bowl and put it in the microwave for a minute. My whole house smells like burnt chocolate. May sound delicious.......

    This was included in the Harry Potter Sweets and Treats ebook, even though, as PKM referenced, it's actually from Monty Pythons "Whizo's Quality Assortment". Why?

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sure you thought of it already, but you could make chocolate coated crickets.
    I guess it's already been done.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    "If we took the bones out they wouldn't be crunchy, would they?"
    "Superintendent Parrot ate one of those..."

    Throw in some raisins. I think dried apricots have a better texture but the raisins are dark enough to make them harder to spot.