Cocoanut Milk Hair Mask

Introduction: Cocoanut Milk Hair Mask

About: Grow some hair on your chest and down a Bean and Cheese Stout !!

3 naturally delicious ingredients that will rejuvenate your hair

Step 1: 3 Delicious Ingredients

Hello!! Has your hair been through the gates and beyond in hell?! Sun damage and applying harmful chemicals to your hair may result in decreased hair growth and the outcome usually is thinning burnt hair .. Want to bring your hair back to life? Here are 3 ingredients to make your hair Silky and Hydrated.....

You will need;

* 1 cup Cocoanut Milk

* 1 tablespoon Cocoanut Oil

* 1 tablespoon Honey

Step 2: The Milky Way Is the Only Way

~WARNING!! Wear a shirt that does not matter to you for the moment.. this is a messy process but worth it!!

~Combine the Cocoanut Oil, Cocoanut Milk, & honey in medium size bowl and mix well.

~Time to get messy!! Apply the cocoanut mixture on top of head and smooth out slowly but surely through out entire head of hair.

~Let set for 20 minutes. Allowing the cocoanut mask to hydrate for longer will be the best results. Rinse thoroughly & shampoo hair.

Step 3: The Outcome Is Absolutely AMAZING


It doesn't matter what type of hair or even if you have no hair, the natural cocoanut oils are wonderful for your heart and skin. Treat yourself right & enjoy this treatment as much as you like.. it is so GOOD for YOU!! <3

Thank you for reading my Cocoanut Milk Mask recipe, now share it with the people you love... or hate.


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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago

    My hair feels so soft and somehow it got beautiful waves!

    Bean and Cheese Stout
    Bean and Cheese Stout

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Another wonderful advantage to the cocoanut oils is it makes your hair fuller and thickens it over time... I am glad you tried this out, people will love this!!


    7 years ago

    This actually works!