Coconut Awesomeness

Introduction: Coconut Awesomeness

These awesome little bite size treats are easy, fast and super yummy!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

What you need:
Mini marshmallows
Graham or Cookie crumbs
Shredded coconut
A microwave
A plate
A microwave safe bowl

Step 2: Mix

Mix coconut and crumbs in your bowl, enough to bury a marshmallow without it touching the edges. Then poke holes in the mixture without them touching and drop a marshmallow in each one like you are planting seeds.

Step 3: Heat and Eat!

Put the bowl in the microwave and set it for 30 seconds, before putting the bowl back in with fresh marshmallows stir the mixture well and reduce the temperature by a bit.

(You can also use a cake pan with the coconut mixture in it instead of a bowl and place in the oven at 350c until coconut is golden brown if you prefer.)

Remove the mix from the microwave and put the marshmallows on a plate... You can eat them squishy or wait till they're cool and crunchy!

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